Thursday, October 25, 2012

1000 Gifts: #31-40

31. Youtube. Seriously. My washing machine was acting funny and now I know how to fix it.
32. Facebook. Seriously. Almost all of my relatives can watch my girls grow!
33. Random 75+ degree days in late October.
34. Getting fed (in more ways than one) at MOPS every other week.
35. The amazing Moppet workers who take care of my kids, even when all Abby wanted to do was sit with me or go home...
36. Safety when a turkey decided to fly in front of my car...

37. Sunglasses, to protect my eyes and help me see when driving on a sunny day.
38. Abby's laughing at Ellie's cooing.
39. Bluebirds who come and sit outside my window, even though it's been months since I put any food out for them.
40. Super-amazingly-awesome friends and family who are willing to take our girls this weekend, so Rocky and I can focus on music and ministry at the high school youth group retreat!

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1 comment:

  1. We're enjoying some unseasonably warm weather here, too. Oh those turkeys can do some serious damage. Glad it missed you. Have a great time at the retreat!


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