Monday, March 12, 2012

Project Simplify Week 1: Kids Stuff

Oops I missed getting this post up over the weekend like I'd wanted to. :( Oh well maybe I'll do better next week!

Hot Spot #1 for Project Simplify was "Kid's Stuff."  I posted my first thoughts about Abby's closet last week, and was really glad to have a goal in mind of more than "I need to get this done so it looks better." I really needed to get it done so I knew what clothes she needed for summer! And boy did I realize I was missing some stuff. Like t-shirts and shorts...

I went to the Mom2Mom sale on Saturday. This one was essentially a big garage sale where moms rented a space and sold their own stuff. So they could set their own prices. I found some tables with t-shirts for  50 cents (of course those were all boys clothes...), and some tables with t-shirts for $1.50! Needless to say, I ended up getting about a half dozen dresses for $2-3 each instead. They'll be so cute and comfy on her this summer. :)

(there are still many more Mom2Mom and consignment sales over the next month or two, and then we hit yard sale season! yay! so I'll still be able to look for a few pairs of shorts too...)

SO. Here are my before and after photos of Abby's closet:

Not a whole lotta difference. I did get another big storage tote, and got all those clothes up off the floor and also went through and packed away her winter dresses. I also put together one big garbage bag full of clothes she never wore (mostly things given to me) and I could never see another of my kids wearing either. I added it to the growing pile in the garage (maybe this year I'll finally work on having a garage sale!). The top shelf still holds clothes that were hand-me-downs that won't fit her until at least next fall, maybe even not till the summer after.

This whole clean-up took me all of a half hour. So simple! Why had I been putting it off for so long??

Did you do any spring cleaning over the weekend? Tell me about it!

This week's Hot Spot #2 is the pantry and fridge. And it's not just about tossing old food from the fridge. It's also about considering the food you actually keep on hand and eat...

Will you join me?


  1. It looks great! Last week when it got warm, I tried to find Lucy a short sleeved shirt and discovered she has exactly 2 that fit right now. I'm excited for garage sale season too! When do you find out what you're having? I feel like you've got to be halfway by now!

  2. Yup I'm just at 20 weeks, and the ultrasound is tomorrow!!

  3. What a transformation! Organized. And definitely de-cluttered. You've inspired me. I'm gonna hit that storage room downstairs! Thank you for the kick! And for sharing on NOBH!


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