Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby update

Well it's that time folks! I'm a few days over 20 weeks, and today is the big ultrasound!!

My friend Debbie and me, I was 17 weeks at the time, she was 34.

Rocky and I at a wedding a week and a half ago, I was just at 19 weeks.

So... what's your vote?? Boy or girl?? We will be finding out the gender today -- just in case it's a boy this time we'd like to get a few non-pink things...

Our big project once school is out is to [finally] finish the basement!! The last two summers we've made progress -- drywall is up and mudded in the hallway and main living area. But we'd like to get all of it done and carpeted and be finished. We're hoping to eventually put our bedroom down there and have the two current bedrooms be for the kids. I'll keep you posted on the progress. :)


  1. Cute picture! I think it is so fun that you can find out what the gender is. I am sure this will be a fun moment. Enjoy the moments!


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