Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project: Simplify 2012!

Oh my goodness oh my goodness!! (said in my best little kid voice, like what's-her-name from Annie)

How could I have missed Tsh's original post three weeks ago about this year's Project: Simplify??

I participated off and on last year and wrote about it on my other blog (ok now that I look back, I guess I only really participated the first week... or at least only wrote about it the first week... but I had good intentions! :)

But this year when I read Tsh's post on Monday about Hot Spot #1, the organizing/spring cleaning/nesting part of me kicked into high gear and thought yes yes yes!! I can do this!! And I can live to blog about it!!!

Especially since I immediately had an image in my mind of what I needed to do when I read the words "kids stuff"...

(play scary dungeon music now)

This is Abby's closet. I'm sure many of you know how it goes with kid's clothes -- they outgrow them CONSTANTLY. And for awhile I was able to keep up, with those cute pink tubs in the corner of the closet. Until Meijer decided to not carry the cute pink ones for awhile. Now all I see are blue and green and red. So I haven't gotten another tub in awhile. So as Abby outgrows clothes, they've started piling up on the bottom of her closet.

Not good. I either need to go to another store that carries the pink ones, or buckle down and get a non-matching one.

The top shelf? That's ideally for clothes that she'll be growing into eventually. I need to go through that again. There may be stuff she can wear now. Especially if we're going to hit 70 degrees next week like they're predicting.

Oh and one other reason why I NEED to clean this closet this week? On Saturday (and many other weekends over the coming month) there is a Mom-to-Mom sale happening in my area. So I need to look at what we've got, and make a list of what we need, and go buy all her spring and summer clothes at great prices. Or at least most of them, since I hope to go garage-saleing this summer too. :)

So there you have it. Project: Simplify week one. My project for this week -- organizing Abby's closet. I'll hopefully work on it today, so that I'm ready to shop Saturday morning!

And I can't wait to show you a before and after picture this weekend. :) Wish me luck!

Let's do this together!!! I need y'all to help keep me accountable and complete all four weeks this time!!

P.S. Tsh says "Everyone who participates that week will be entered to win a little prize. But heck, even if you don’t win, you still get a cleaner, more decluttered home. Who wouldn’t want that?"


  1. That looks exactly like my girls' closet! Yikes! I am just not ready to part with the clothes yet as I am still trying to convince my hubby that we aren't don't having kids yet! But, yes, I should stop piling them up on the floor...or in my case on top of the suitcases that are used to hold our winter/summer clothes.....
    Okay, I am with you. Going to Spring clean!
    Stopping by from NOBH!

  2. My son's closet is an organic creature, it grows and mutates every day, like a plant:) But sometimes it must be organized by the mom:)

  3. Shudder.
    That picture reminds me of my daughter's closets when they were little, especially the youngest.
    Keep the faith, though! She now hangs up everything, and sorts it by type of clothing and color, too.
    There is hope!
    I will be cheering you on!

  4. I've been planning a decluttering this spring. Mine as well join you!

  5. I so need to follow up and actually declutter this spring. My own closet doesn't look all the great. Thanks for sharing this today; I am motivated to start some spring house cleaning soon.

  6. This has me thinking about all the areas of my house that need reorganizing. Ugh!! Now, really it is very encouraging to see that I'm not the only one who struggles sometimes! :) Thanks also for stopping by my blog, Carrie!

  7. Haha I like that analogy!

  8. Thanks for stopping by! I've discovered I love storing clothes in tubs, I need to start watching for them to go on sale then buy them in bulk. ;)

  9. Oh boy, I remember going through a sort-everything-by-color phase myself...

  10. One step at a time. :)

  11. Oh my, I shudder when I think about my own closet... it's worse than Abby's! :-P Maybe that's what I'll tackle during the Week 4 choose-your-own-hot-spot...


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