Friday, August 31, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Change

Ahhh, Five Minute Fridays. A place to set your timer, clear your head, and for five minutes freely write without worrying about getting it right...

Five Minute Friday 1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
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Today's prompt: change.


"Lutherans hate change."  That was the phrase I remember being tossed around jokingly at my church when I was growing up. When I left for college and soon after got married and moved away, my church was on the verge of a split because of music style. I remember in high school trying to introduce new songs to my church and even having a friend play guitar (along with the piano we had). It was received very coldly.

Why is music such a dividing point within the church? Does it really boil down to "old-people's-music" and "young-people's-music"? I love many hymns. And I love newer praise songs. I'm on the worship planning committee at my current church, and we are very deliberate about choosing both modern and traditional music for every service. We include the organ as well as guitars and drums each Sunday (heck, I'm the one who plays the drums!).

It's so hard to hear negative comments from people about music styles within the church. Music has changed over the years, even over centuries. Most churches don't use Gregorian-chant-type music anymore. Does that mean it's a bad style of music? No. It just means there are now other options out there.

Finding the balance between loving the "old" and embracing the "new" can be so difficult... But it's something that needs to happen.


Wow I had no idea that's the direction my post would go. I guess that's what I love about FMF. :)

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  1. Hi,there! Coming to visit your FMF post. Isn't it amazing how one prompt can lead you in such a surprising direction? We debate the music issue in our family at almost every gathering. In fact, I think we've decided to agree to disagree because we just go round and round. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. My church back in Brooklyn went through something similar. There was a kind of schysm over whether the church should allow any music besides the huge old organ. It was silly in my opinion.

    I think a lot of churches face big hurdles when generations change within the church. Our church is struggling with that right now.


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