Monday, January 9, 2012

Bring on spring!

Ok, puzzle time! What's wrong with this picture:

I'll give you a hint... this is today in West Michigan.

It's crazy!! Our average high for this time of year is 30 degrees, and our average low is 12! We had a couple inches of snow during Christmas break, but that's long ago melted away. We had a dusting of snow on Christmas Eve (which was when we celebrated our family Christmas, so that was nice!). Typically by this point in the school year we've already had at least 1-2 snow days!

I really complained at first. I wanted to take Abby out sledding during break. I wanted to watch the snow fall and cozy up with a blanket and hot cocoa. I wanted a snow day so Rocky could be home with us.

Not anymore.

You see, I got these in the mail last week:

I drool over these even more than I do over the latest BHG magazine!!

I page through them, looking for updates on the veggie seeds I typically order, and dreaming big dreams of adding new things to my garden.

It was over 50 degrees last Friday. It was all I could do to stop myself from digging around in the dirt...

I think this will be the first year ever that I will be disappointed when it finally REALLY snows.

Ok, maybe only just a tiny bit. I still want to take Abby sledding. :)

Do you order your garden seeds from a catalog? When do you start planning for spring?


  1. I'm in Kansas and we had a 70 degree day last week! Broke a record. And I am not complaining! :)

  2. When I think of your neck of the woods, I'm thinking... bbrrrrr, so those temps are a shocker!

    We have a really mild winter here in middle TN. ( which, in contrast to MI. is always mild). They are talking about a slight change of snow tonight so the girls will be wearing the pj's inside out, hanging a sock on the door and putting a white crayon under their bed. Kid urban legends say this will help bring on the snow! I draw the line at letting the flush an ice cube. :-)

    I'm a die hard BHG reader too, but I agree, give me a good seed catalog right about now! I haven't gotten any yet.

    I'm grabbing your button on my way out to add you to my blogroll. :-)

  3. I think records are being broken all across the country!

  4. I've never heard of those urban legends before! Fun fun. Thanks for taking my button! :)

  5. Yesterday (Tuesday) was even warmer, and today is supposed to be another sunny, upper-40s day! BUT tomorrow is a different story! Rain changing to snow, 1-2 inches, then another 3-5 inches overnight Thursday! Snow day on Friday?? :)

  6. I think I am still hoping for snow for the cozy up on the couch with hot chocolate. I just barely got part of my Christmas put away. I love to watch my sweet husband work in the garden and sometimes I enjoy doing that too; but not too soon please.
    Thanks for your thoughts today; I am smiling!

  7. We didnt get the snow over Christmas and I was a little disappointed as I really like to go home to my mums and see the snow like when I was a kid but no more!

    I have started to like the really dark cold nights and days that are much shorter, I dont know why, maybe I am wired differently to everyone else!?

  8. I'm from Kansas as well. We haven't had snow yet!!!! It's crazy! The days have still been cold, but not as cold as normal. And some days it just feels like fall.

    I still wish spring would come soon! It doesn't have to snow at all this winter, I would be okay with that!


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