Monday, October 17, 2011

Spoons aren't just for eating

In my Versatile Blogger post last week, I mentioned that I collect spoons. They are currently displayed in my dining room, and since I missed the dining room day on Roomspiration, I thought I'd give you a peak into my {simple-nothing-too-exciting} dining room! :)

See that cute girl eating her breakfast? I like her. :)

I think I've said before that we have an open floor plan, so the kitchen, dining room, and living room are all one big room. In this picture, I'm standing in the kitchen, and the living room is to the right.

One of the things that first attracted me to this house was the yellow walls in the kitchen & dining room. With the wood (laminate) floors, I thought it looked so warm and cheerful, and yellow is one of my favorite colors! (can ya tell? based on the colors of this blog?? :) Our dining table was given to me when I was in high school -- I used it as a computer desk in my bedroom for a number of years. And the chairs... Given to us when we cleaned out Rocky's grandma's storage unit. New chairs are on our Christmas list every year.

There used to be a huge painting in the middle of that wall, the previous owners must not have liked it enough to take it with them... Well it wasn't our favorite either. It was just of a door and walkway, in colors we didn't like. So it came down. In it's place, last Christmas I put together this picture collage of our first year with Abby.

I uploaded the photos to Shutterfly and created a 20x30 poster, got a cheap poster frame, and actually hung it on the wall in wrapping paper and a bow on Christmas Eve. :) I hope to make a new collage every year, and keep the previous ones, so we can see how Abby grows!

Now about the spoons! My collection first started when I was 4 years old and my mom, dad, and I took a vacation across the western U.S. They bought me a collectors spoon in each state we visited.

For YEARS (read: until I was 25) the spoons stayed in their boxes, often in a shoe box. I'd take them out every so often and look at them, arrange them by name or in chronological order of when I got them ('cause I'm like that...). I spent the summer between my sophomore and junior years of college doing youth ministry in Boulder Colorado. On the drive there and back, I managed to add 5 more spoons to my collection of 12. Then I was hooked, and starting looking for spoons every new place I went.

Our honeymoon in Ohio, attractions in Chicago and St. Louis, and eventually our trip to Europe in the summer of 2008. Rocky got me a spoon rack for Christmas one of those years, and another one the year after since I'd quickly filled up the first!

Rocky's mom passed away from cancer in the summer of 2004, and his dad remarried 6 years later. Last summer the family did some hard-core cleaning at his house. Linda had also collected spoons, and even though they were all places I had never been, I gladly took them to add to my collection.

So my collection jumped from 38 to 75. And since each rack only holds 24 spoons...

I'm asking for another rack for Christmas this year. :) There are some REALLY neat spoons that need a home...

What about you? Do you collect anything? Anything common, anything different?


  1. New Follower from Get Connected Tuesdays. I just love your layout!

  2. Very impressive decorating. The baby is a darling edition to the room ;o)
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  5. I really really really love your spoon display. It looks really amazing in there. I can just imagine how great it will look as you keep adding more and more displays. A large wall of spoon displays? So cool.

    So do you have any tips for being a collector? I didn't even know you could find spoons like this.

    Also, your little one is adorable.

  6. Can you collect hand bags because that it what I love to
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  7. Your little one is adorable! I love love love the collage idea - that is going to be my new project - :-) thanks - lol! I am not a collector but your spoons look great.

  8. Usually any tourist-y souvenir place that sells other collectibles such as shot glasses, bells, magnets, etc. will also sell spoons. A lot of the ones for U.S. states are from gas stations just across a state line.

    I think having a specific place to display your items all together is the key to having a true "collection." Whether that's stamps, coins, animals (my mom collected cows of all shapes and sizes), whatever! If they are hidden away where no one can enjoy them, it's not a collection in my mind!

  9. Thanks! The collage was SO easy - I just went to and chose to create a poster (I think it's part of "photo gifts), chose the layout, uploaded my photos, and arranged them the way I wanted!

  10. I once collected bells. Not sure how that started. My grandmother gave me one for Christmas and from that point the bell thing was on. It became joke within my immediate family. The spoons look cool. Oh yeah, I do collect magnets from all the places we travel. My choice. New follower!

  11. Magnets are a great thing to collect! Cheap and easy and you can find them everywhere! Thanks for following :)

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