Monday, October 3, 2011

Girls and their stuff

I've decided I want to let Abby's hair grow out rather than giving her bangs. Once she gets older, if we think she'll look better with bangs, we'll cut it, but in the meantime it's all staying put. Which means she's in this stage:

Not long enough to tuck behind her ears. It doesn't seem to bother her, but it does bug me... Luckily we were given lots of hair clips (and have bought a few too)

I do have to readjust it several times a day, but it's worth it. So of course she has lots of colors -- she's a girl, her accessories have to coordinate with her outfit! ;) Up until this morning, here is where they all were kept:

Her "accessory drawer", as I like to call it... Shoes, socks, hats, hair bows... But do you realize how difficult it can be to find a specific bow to wear during the Sunday morning rush-around-we're-late-for-church? So down to the sewing room I went. Found a ribbon. And a thumbtack.

(Yes, she does have a blue and yellow clip. No, it's NOT for U of M. I can't help it that the school my husband teaches at has the same school colors as my alma mater's arch-rival...)

Tada! I just tacked it on the wall next to the door and changing table, where we get her dressed in the morning.

Just enough out-of-reach. :) Why didn't I do this a year ago?!

On another note, I've got an idea in my head for what to finally do with that big blank blue wall... Just gotta get some poster putty... Hopefully I'll make it happen and post the results by the end of the week!! :)

Today's edition of Roomspiration is all about Closets and Nooks. Go check out the link party at The Blooming Hydrangea for some really creative ideas! I wish we had space for a really nice closet or a reading nook!!


  1. Lucy's hair is the same way. Right now she has a cold, so her bangs get stuck in her snot. Lol. It's lovely. I'm impressed that Abby keeps clips in her hair! Lucy rips them right out. :-(

    Cute hair clip storage! So clever.

  2. Nice. :-P I see you do the "water spout" hair with Lucy - that's our other go-to hair option to keep it out of Abby's eyes. Abby used to have issues with the clips, but then decided they were ok one day. We never were able to do the cute headbands with her, those got ripped off right away!

  3. Your daughter is adorable. Stopping by from the Alexa Blog Hop. Hope you have a fantastic week.

  4. Awwww. So cute! Luckily, my little one is young enough that her hair is really short. I imagine we'll have to do something similar to organize her hair clips eventually though. I don't want her taking scissors to her bangs when she's 7 years old like I did. That made for a terrible school picture.

    Anyway, excellent job! The hair clips look really great on the wall.

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  6. Stopping by from Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop, hope to see you back over at!!

  7. Love your blog!! So CUTE!!! Stopping by from FNF Blog Hop. I also have a little girl, I just started making hair bows a few months ago. I am a new follower via GFC!! Would love for you to stop by my blog and follow if you'd like!! :)

    Jessica Rose - Beauty and The Bookaholic

  8. Following you from Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop. I would love it if you would follow back! Thanks!! =0)
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  9. Hi! I enjoy reading your posts so much, and your little one is cute as can be! So I wanted to give you The Versatile Blog Award, here is my link explaining the award:

  10. Your daughter is super cute!! Great idea for the hair clips. I don't think my son will let me use hair clips on him though. Although some days he needs it! LOL

  11. I think every little girl has an unsupervised run-in with scissors at some point...

  12. Sweet pictures! Thanks for sharing with NOBH.


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