Tuesday, March 26, 2013

That messy kitchen utensil drawer...

One of the best things I ever did for my kitchen utensil drawer, I didn't even do on purpose.

You know when you make your wedding registry, and you add all of those kitchen utensils that match, and they all match? Like these black ones by Oxo that we got tons of?

In an effort to keep things off the kitchen counters, I used a deep drawer to hold utensils. Most of the time it's fairly easy for me to find what I need -- I have a very photographic memory, and know exactly what I'm looking for when I need it.

But there always seems to be that one utensil that even though it gets used really frequently, it still ends up on the bottom of the drawer, or just blends in with all the other black utensils.

For me, it was my rubber spatula. And it got used so frequently that eventually it got chipped and ripped, and I knew I needed a new one. So off to the local grocery store I went, and I think I had two choices. I chose the more expensive, better quality one. And it was red.

I got it home, washed it, and stuck it in the infamous utensil drawer. And have never had an issue finding it ever since.

That red spatula just POPS out at me whenever I need it! No more digging through layers of blackness!!

Maybe I should invest in green spoons and purple peelers and blue cheese slicers too...

Do you have a kitchen utensil you use more than the others? Do you keep your utensils in a crock on the counter or in a drawer too?


  1. I never liked crocks. I want nothing on my counter. My drawer used to be just one big jumble, but with the new kitchen I got an organizer. I love it, as long as my family puts things in the correct spots when they put dishes away. The different colors is a great idea, though! I say go for a rainbow.

  2. We've got a crock and a drawer and I do like having the rainbow because you're right--it makes finding the right tool easy!

  3. A rainbow of utensils is a brilliant idea! For some reason I think everything in my kitchen needs to match...even if it goes in a drawer! Not anymore. I use a crock for the most used utensils and a drawer for the bulky and not-so-used ones. Thanks for the great idea!


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