Monday, February 4, 2013

My "flowers"

Aren't they cute?!

Ellie is six months old today! So crazy! She's got 2 teeth, long hair, and every day is stretching her muscles more and more for rolling and trying to crawl. You can read her birth story here (if you like that kind of thing. :) )

What's in a name?

We knew right away what we wanted to name Abby -- even before we found out she was a girl. It was just something we liked the sound of, and when we learned what it meant it was even more special. "Abigail" means father's joy, or delight of the father (think of the Hebrew word for daddy, which is Abba).

Ellie was a little more difficult. We liked the name Ellie, but had a hard time choosing a full name to shorten to it. We tossed around three different names for months -- Rocky and I each liking a different one of the three at different times -- before we settled on Eleanor a couple weeks before she was born. "Eleanor" means light, or bright one.

Did you know that flowers have meanings too? The floral industry really capitalizes on the meanings of flowers, asking what message you're trying to send to whomever you're buying the roses/daisies/lilies for.

I did a little digging, and found a couple of flowers that I think match my "flowers" well. From

Calendula -- Joy

Buttercup -- Cheerfulness

And of course they're both yellow flowers -- my favorite. :)

Does your name/your kids name(s) have special meanings? Are there any flowers you really like that have a cool meaning?

Happy half-birthday Ellie!!


  1. I had strict rules about the boys' names--no invented spelling, nothing too trendy, no names that rhymed with bad words, nothing gender-neutral...I used to teach, hence my strong opinions! All of their middle names are family names, but their first names all have "R" as the second letter!

    1. I like to stay "classic" in names and spellings too. My husband is a high school teacher, and his rule was no name that was the same of a current student! He'd had Abby's in the past, but not the year she was born.

  2. I thought you were going to reveal what your favorite type of flower was so that i got it right next week. Guess i'll have to go with "yellow".


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