Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am a Penelope

I'm a dork. Let me just put that out there. I get excited about silly little stuff. Like the idea of organizing my week on an Excel spreadsheet. Yesterday as I was thinking about my resolution to do better at meal planning, did I simply pull out a piece of paper and write down what we would eat this week? No. I had to search online for "free meal planner" and came across a few templates that someone has already created to help people like me. Once I get my list completed of the meals I normally prepare (and the ones I'd like to try), this spreadsheet is going to be amazing...

You might have noticed the little picture on the right -------> that says I'm a Penelope. You should click on it (after you've finished reading this post of course). I don't remember how I came across the site, Penelope Loves Lists, but it was created by a girl after my own heart. Check out the "About" page. Those first couple of paragraphs are all about me (even though I didn't write them). I used to love back-to-school shopping -- not for new clothes, but for new notebooks, pens, etc... OfficeMax is still one of my favorite stores. Am I a little weird? Maybe. But at least I know there are other Penelopes out there who understand me. :)

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