Thursday, July 22, 2010

Picture Challenge - Day 07

Oops I'm a day behind now...

Day 07: A picture that makes you cry.

It was tough to think of a picture that makes me cry. This one is more tears of joy, but there are also some tears of sadness. You see, we had two miscarriages during our first year of marriage. Those pregnancies were not "planned" -- then again, neither was Abby -- and about the time we were beginning to accept the fact that we were going to be parents, we lost them. There are still times when I think about how old they would be, and I wonder if they were boys or girls. So there is sadness when I think about our losses, plus I'm reminded of others who have struggled with various forms of infertility.

But there are also many tears of joy with this picture. Joy as I see our little girl, who was a day old in this picture. Joy as I see my husband sleeping next to her, with is arm protectively around her. And joy as I think about the future of our family.

1 comment:

  1. Your Abby is a joy, she is beautiful and strong and healthy, just like her mommy. As for the other two, I like to think that they're in Heaven showing my little one the ropes on how to praise and worship God, being his/her friend the way you are mine.


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